The City of Bullas has a debt of more than nine million euros "inherited from the previous Government"

The City of Bullas has a debt of more than nine million euros "inherited from the previous Government"

The Consistory and the Community will expand the health center of the municipality and build a new sports complex this term

The City of Bullas owes more than nine million euros to suppliers and banks as a result of the management of the previous Socialist Government Team, as indicated by the mayor of the municipality, Pedro Chico, in a press conference offered after having a meeting with the regional president, Ramón Luis Valcárcel.


To questions from journalists, Chico has pointed out that the previous Government Team left a total of 5.5 million euros in debts to suppliers and 2.8 million euros of debt to banks, to which we must add 948,452 euros in debts corresponding to invoices in the drawer that were "unknown".

To all this we must add the accounts of the two municipal companies, which the new Government Team does not know "because of its complexity" and because it has not been able to access all the data, since it is "an important mess", according to the first mayor.

Chico has warned that the Consistory will have to make "very drastic" decisions regarding these two municipal companies "because they can not continue like this, having been very poorly managed and in a deficit situation", although he has not specified the measures to adopt in this sense.

When asked about possible solutions, Chico added that the City Council thinks about "paying" and has transmitted a message of trust to the suppliers. In fact, the councilor of the Treasury has already received the instruction to speak with all of them to establish a progressive payment plan.

The mayor has indicated that the City can not ask for credit from the banks because the Government Team has the budget extended, but has indicated that it will be able to carry out treasury operations from 2012, when it approves the new budgets.

The mayor has said that this will allow "obtain funds by making a real budget, which is to make a real forecast of income and expenses." From there, he announced that the Consistory is working "on two or three issues that should not be disclosed, to obtain extrabudgetary liquidity that, even, have nothing to do with banks."

This will allow facing, at least, the payment to the suppliers, since Chico recognizes that it is "impossible" that the Consistory can face the payment of a debt as considerable as the one that has and with which the new Government Team "has found, since the PP has not ruled a minute in the municipality, "he added.

However, he has admitted that the main current problem of any mayor is "payment to officials". In fact, he has said he does not know if the payroll of the officials of Bullas for next week is covered, something that takes away his sleep, as he has acknowledged.

New investments raised to valcárcel

Chico has not discussed these issues with Valcárcel during the meeting they have held, but have addressed all the investments that the City considers of interest to run in the municipality during this term, which the regional president has heard in a "very receptive" , as indicated by the first mayor.

First, Chico mentioned the construction of the first phase of a new sports complex to meet the demand for this type of facility that requires the increase of population.

Also, the City of Bullas intends to acquire an existing cinema in the municipality, of about 600 seats, to give it utility as an auditorium and multipurpose room. Chico has asked Valcárcel for financial help for the rehabilitation of the property that, although it is in good condition, requires certain investments in security and other equipment.

The Murcian president has requested that the City Council remit the budget for the rehabilitation of the cinema, which the Consistory has obtained leased. Also, Valcárcel has requested a budget for the acquisition of this property, for which the Consistory has to negotiate with the owner.

The mayor has also asked the Community for help to cover the sports track of the Obispo García-Rodenas Public School, which Valcárcel has promised to do "as soon as possible". Chico has justified that this infrastructure is a citizen demand to protect schoolchildren, especially from the harsh winter conditions.

Chico has also referred to the expansion of the health center, which is going to run this term and will allow Bullas to provide more health posts and more specialties such as physiotherapy, gynecology and oral health, while it could implement the Service Emergency of Primary Care, which is not fully implemented due to lack of space.

The City Council has also asked Valcárcel to build a cultural center in La Copa and run a medical clinic in this district, since the existing infrastructure is aging.

Chico has also transferred to Valcárcel that the security center of the municipality "has become too small" due to the increase in the numbers of the Local Police, which has demanded the possibility of building an Integral Security Center that will be the headquarters of the troops of Civil Protection, Local Police and, even, the Civil Guard.

Similarly, Chico has asked Valcárcel that, at least, begin studies for the construction of a new educational center of Infant and Primary Bullas, as there are currently two centers, one for Children and one for Primary, which are scattered . The goal is that the new center "allow greater comfort for parents and students."

To the extent that funds can be collected from the European Union, Valcárcel has also committed to the construction of a state-of-the-art treatment plant. The current treatment plant, according to Chico, is lagooning and has been improved in successive investments, but the water "does not come out as clean as it should, so farmers and irrigators complain".

Chico pointed out that Bullas is one of the few municipalities that does not have a state-of-the-art wastewater treatment plant, which has been attributed to "the lack of demand and demand of the previous governors, who can not argue that the PSOE Government Team, it has been discriminated against, because other socialist municipalities such as Calasparra, Campos del Río and Albudeite have it. "

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